We are Michigan made.

Michigan has trailblazed technology to defend national security and explore space. Its world-class colleges and universities produce knowledge and graduates impacting every area of society. The state’s preeminence in mass manufacturing is known world-wide. Ann Arbor, too, is among the country’s top tech hubs. OFX established its headquarters in Michigan, knowing that the state has a powerful recipe for a vibrant 21st century space ecosystem. We are proud to be Michigan made.

Pioneering Space and Radar Technology

After the Motor City helped the U.S. military secure victory in WWII, it diverted its manufacturing focus to the space race.  Our automakers helped make exploration to the moon a reality by providing technologies that spanned from space communications and flight control to Lunar Rover vehicle sub-systems to rockets used for manned space flight.

The rich history of Michigan-made radar starts with Willow Run Laboratory and the start of the Cold War.  The University of Michigan, through its work at Willow Run Airport, conducted research on radar antennas and developed the first successful focused SAR image used by the US Government.  The Environmental Research Institute of Michigan built upon the accomplishments of Willow Run through innovations in remote sensing and SAR processing technologies, laying the foundation for the radar ecosystem that exists today in Ann Arbor.

The nostalgic history does not stop there. The location we chose to establish our headquarters, the Argus Building in Ann Arbor, has deep connections to our state’s rich defense manufacturing history. From WWII through the Korean War, the Argus Camera Company developed optical lenses and other earth imaging technologies for the U.S. Government.

We are proud to do our part to add to this storied history.


Exceptional Education and Talent

We are committed to developing the pipeline of aerospace talent in Michigan.

Our world-class universities are home to more than 18 aerospace and aviation-related degrees and curricula. Our founder is a Michigan native and proud graduate of the University of Michigan College of Engineering; he understands first-hand the impact of investing in homegrown talent.

Talent is one of the primary reasons Michigan was recently recognized by PwC as a top ten state for aerospace manufacturing attractiveness. Developing the next generation of engineers and technologists is critical to Michigan’s growth as an aerospace hub.


the argus building - home of orbital effects

High-tech Manufacturing

Michigan brings unmatched depth in high-tech manufacturing. The state’s capabilities position it as the ideal home for space manufacturing. 

Industrial space previously used for automotive manufacturing can support the production of space technology. The labor force that helped design the world’s finest automotive manufacturing processes can change the way satellites are manufactured and help Michigan become the world-leader in low-cost production. 

Our investment in Michigan is the first step toward realizing this vision.